Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dinner at the Palladio, Ritz Carlton, Shanghai

And here it is. The last dinner I had during my epic 100 day adventure in China, Taiwan and Japan. This restaurant is said to be the best Italian experience outside of Italy. And I concur. My dad and I met our lovely friend Camellia, a manager at the Ritz Carlton for a dining experience not to forget. I had deep fried seafood for the appetizer, black ink pasta with lobster meat for the main and Tiramisu with chocolate gelati for dessert. I wasn't going to choose the Tiramisu because I always choose it, but Fabrizio the charismatic restaurant manager described it to me in his Italian accent and I was sold! They really make an effort to do things different at the Palladio. Let me paint a picture for you.. first it came out as a glossy chocolate ball with gold flakes on top. Hot creamy liquid is then poured on the ball, and it melts (as seen not so glamorously in the photo) and the gelati is revealed sitting atop the Tiramisu. It was perfect. My best Italian dining experience to date.

More shots from Jing An, Shanghai

Taking a stroll on the streets of Jing An after a delectable Italian meal is simply fabulous.

Chinese Mafia Meeting, Wencheng County

I feared for my life taking this photo, so please enjoy.

Piano Bar, Shanghai

What makes this place so cool is it's hidden really well. No signage and so hard to find, even when given directions. Inside was a chilled out lounge atmosphere with Karaoke set. What bar in Asia would be complete without one?

Beijing Opera

Street graffiti in 上海